The Next Chapter

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Worthwhile opportunities are rarely just pure happenstance. They’re usually a combination of the right person with the right skills at the right place and time, or someone who is actively looking to create positive outcomes for themselves.

17 years ago I embarked on a career in programming and have been fortunate to work with many different companies, teams, and technologies. But no work was more engaging than what I’ve built with the iOS platform, and no position was more fulfilling than my time as an iOS instructor at The Iron Yard. I discovered and nurtured a passion for tech education and mentorship there, and worked alongside some of the best colleagues of my career. I was heartbroken when they announced in 2017 that the school was shutting down. Not just because the people and the company were 1 in a million, but because my ability to work with junior developers and help them spark a passion for creation would be severely curtailed. It’s a professional pursuit I never knew I had, but in my almost 3 years as a teacher it became the sole focus of my professional life. I derived so much joy from watching students come into the program with perhaps only a passing understanding of what programming was, and then seeing those same students transform into capable and talented engineers, accepting offers from great companies that totally changed the trajectory of their future careers.

In the time since The Iron Yard’s closing, I’ve been searching for ways to do my part and help in some way to encourage and nurture people interested in learning to code. With my former colleague and friend Brian Gates, I’ve built a brand that started with a podcast and has recently expanded to include live-streaming video that showcases how apps are really built, from concept to release. Model View Conversation is a podcast (and now Twitch stream) that helps to demystify the programming industry, from applying and interviewing, to growing in your current or even future positions as an engineer. This work has become a really fun addition to my day job, but the pull of teaching never left me.

I’m ecstatic to announce that beginning in April, I’ll be back in the classroom and once again doing the thing I feel has become my calling. I’m going to be teaching iOS development to eager students at Lambda School.

I could not be more excited to get started. If you have ever considered a career in programming and need a place to learn and grow that passion into a career, consider applying.

Like we used to say at TIY, “to infinity and beyond!”