A Designed Career

1 minute read

I think I’ve been a designer my entire life, even before I knew what made design different from any other job. I started out looking critically at how things are presented when I was immersed in film production in middle and high school. I carried that critical eye into my programming career in college and my professional life. I’ve always been concerned with improving the experience of everyday tasks. Even to the point I purchased a wooden bowl to store all the things I carry around in my jeans so I wouldn’t lose them (nothing worse than hunting around the house for your keys).

That critical nature and desire to improve the experience of using a thing certainly explains my shift from traditional desktop programming to iOS as soon as it became an option about 10 years ago. I knew from the moment I got my first glimpse at iOS development that I wanted to steer my career to mobile. It finally felt like a genre of programming I could really establish a home in. Mobile software presents so many interesting constraints for creating experiences that will surprise and delight, while still performing a useful job that keeps users opening that app day after day. The screens of modern phones never look smaller than when you’re trying to figure out how to present a complicated dataset and also meaningful actions that are hyper relevant and obvious to the user. It is a challenge I was and still am both in awe of and yet eager to conquer.